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Available NOW: Reissue and Upgrade Paladin Reel
    The Great 7-weight Mastery Series Paladin Reel has a new face and NOW incorporates the all-weather - works when soaking wet Drum Drag System.   See: Custom Paladin Reel

New Cutthroat Reel Available
    Three models of the Western motif Cutthroat Tr. reel are now available.   See: Cutthroat Trout Reel

The New Heritage Brook Trout Reel
    Finally, its here after many months of work.   See: Heritage Brook Trout Reel

The Brown Trout Reel Available
    The Brown Trout Reel face plates are back from the anodizer ready for assembly.   See: Brown Trout Reel

Reel Smithing:
    Hand built reels by Ted Godfrey. We continue a 30 year tradition of providing custom-made, classic reels with modern functionality for fishing the great rivers of the world.   See: Reel Models

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