We are currently producing traditional Atlantic salmon flies for anglers going to the great destinations around the North Atlantic and Spey flies for trout, bass and of course Atlantic Salmon. For decades Ted has been the principal tier of flies for Iceland bound anglers and the first tier of flies for Americans going to the Ponoi River in Russia.

Many of the old Canadian angling lodges are gone or converted to ZEC operations, but I still have logs of flies that were tied for anglers headed to the Restigouche, Moisie, Whale, and St Jean etc. I cherish the large Norwegian flies sent to me by Stan Bogdan and a small collection of originals tied by Arseneault. For more about Godfrey Salmon Flies and a glimpse of the old days:   On the Restigouche


These patterns are rarely tied because they are complex and require far more time and patience than conventional favorites. They are provided for those who really enjoy the fine traditions of the sport. The following feather winged old favorites are fished on Scottish, Norwegian and on principle Canadian rivers. The hooks are English old fashiioned "Irons", extra sharp and powerful. All Godfrey flies are Epoxy tied for strength.
    Orders are taken on a seasonal basis. Due to heavy spring demand for reels, fly orders are filled in the latter half of the year. To order call Ted at:     Free shipping to the continental US on orders of $50 or more.

    The Silver Grey


The Silver Grey is perhaps the most reconstructed fly with lineage going back to at least 1830 with Blacker giving a fly with a body of silver dun Monkey fur! This rendition is from 1914 - Dr. Pryce-Tennatt which has remaided our familiar pattern derived from the common birth caldron of classic flies of James Wright, Tweed-side ca. 1860. It simply is a most favored fly throughout the North Atlantic from Mirritime Canada to even Russia, but most famously in Norway and G.B. Available in sizes 2/0 - 4.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Durham Ranger Atlantic Salmon Fly

This very bright salmon fly dating about 1840 was the creation of Walton Scruton of Durham. Mr. S cruton as told by Henderson in his book. This another important Tweed fly promoted by makers James Wright and Forest. It is the first of the "Ranger" series and used all over the world for Atlantic salmon and even at times for Steelhead. It is easy to identify and love and a favorite on the old club waters on the Restigouche and G. Cascapedia. Available in sizes 2/0 - 1.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Silver Wilkinson

  William Henderson attirbutes this design to Mr Wilkinson himself who along with Greenwell each created panicle silver bodied flies to fish the Tweet. These early designs go back to before mid-century. This fly was loved to the extent of over use and next to the Jock Scott, the S. Wilkinson or "Wilkinson" was the most popular and highly regarded salmon fly of the golden age. It remains popular to this day and is heavily used in Quebec Province. There are endless variations including waddingtons and tubes of all shape and manor. This fly pictured is of Pryce-Tannatt rendition. Available in sizes 2/0 - 2.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Black Dose Atlantic Salmon Fly

  The Enigmatic Black Dose appears seemingly out of nowhere in late nineteenth Century books by Kelson and Hale. Today it is highly regarded in both G.B, and Maritime Canada where is often dressed with black goose or crow. All of the old renditions include green. I like green parrot when I can get it. Over the years I have tied hundreds of Black Dose in all sizes even down to size 12 - hard to believe isn't it! Available in sizes 2/0 - 2.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

    The Black Doctor


The Black Doctor is a second variation of the original Blue Doctor followed by the famous Silver Doctor. Obviously this is intended to be a dark fly variation of this famous group of flies made famous by Wright in mid-century. The following is one man's observation:

"15th October 1887, Scotch Waters, By William Murdoch, Fishing Gazette Though some may experience differently, I can say without hesitation that on dull days late in October no fly used when the river is low is half so deadly

as the Black Doctor. I put this fly far in front of all others, especially on hazy, calm days. Small sizes should be used, unless the casts are very deep and shaded, or of good strength of current and rough in character. I tone down the wing of this fly with material that gives it when wet a nice dark appearance, a greenish shade being distinctly observable. Little Guinea Fowl at the shoulder is what everyone should see to, as a lot of it neutralises the effect greatly. Available in sizes 2/0 - 2.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Thunder & Lightning Atlantic Salmon Fly

  Still used today all over the world the Thunder & Lightning enjoys endless variation in tubes and was a favorite in tiny trebles on the Moisie. It of course was a Wright design, but little seems to be known of its actual creation - who or what precipitated its special selection of materials seems most difficult to uncover. Perhaps I have tied thoussands of these mostly for Canada, but also Norway. Available in sizes 2/0 - 4.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Silver Doctor Atlantic Salmon Fly

  The Silver Doctor is a lovely salmon fly from the mid nineteenth century made famous by all angling writers especially those who favored the great tier, James Wright, of Sprouston on Tweet. Like so many flies, trying to learn of origin leads to speculation as it may have been concocted in some form in Ireland as it was the spawning ground of other brightly colored patterns of the day. Whatever the origin, the popularity of such gaudy flies grew

and they soon ousted the rather drab flies of Scottish make. It is just as famous as a hairwing and of course tubes of the name are everywhere. In years past I tied these in all sizes including massive flies on hooks - 5/0 to 7/0 for the Namsen and Alta Rivers. Available in sizes 2/0 - 2.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Lacy Amherst Atlantic Salmon Fly

  Lady Amherst by George Bonbright, angler and fly designer first half of the 20th century. It was used when setting records for largest fish of the year on the G. Cascapedia River. Much favored by guides it must have seen ALLOT of salmon and thus the records. It is another fly along with the Silver Doctor that I have included in fly selections for the principal rivers of Quebec. Best tied in largest sizes and Available in sizes 2/0 - 1.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

    The Jock Scott


Perhaps the most famous of Atlantic Salmon flies first created way back in 1845 and has been adored by seemingly every author and avid salmon angler ever since. It is complex of design, difficult to tie, and in my opinion must be tied as large as possible in order to get it all together and the wing in particular, laying-in in a natural and pleasing manor. Available in sizes 2/0 - 1.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Green Highlander Atlantic Salmon Fly

  In Mid 19th Century the progenitor was simply "The Highlander". It had early beginnings as a drab fly with a darkish green body. Francis - Franis' provided: "No 4 is very much of a Highlander - body and hackle. tag of silver thread and blue floss. tail of tippet and claret hackle. body: two turns yellow pigs wool, the rest of darkish pea-green floss; hackle lightish yellow green; silver tinsel over; wing speckled brown turkey, grey towards the tips. A Mr Grant decades later designed the well known fly we see today. It is so very popular in Canada both as feather and as a hair wing and again in Norway. I have provided some really large flies for the Alta using whole chicken feathers as part of the wing - flies for the Alta etc. Available in sizes 2/0 - 2.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Evening Star

  This is a lovely fly from Pryce-Tannatt (1914) who made up his own version of a fly by Hale designed some 25 years earlier. I include it here as simply a rather pure design. I love it. Available in sizes 2 - 6.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

The Orange Parson Atlantic Salmon Fly

  The Parson, Orange Parson, Yellow Parson, and many other "Parsons" go way back perhaps to the late 18th Century. Some writers consider this the beginning of Irish gaudy fly making. Arguably, the Parson began as a fly with up right golden ph. toppings. This seemingly crazy way to tie at least provides a lot of flutter movement in the water. The black banded tippets in the wing design heralds further design seen in the Ranger flies and many others, even the Highlander. This Pryce-Tannatt version is presented here mainly to show the beginnings of fancy design in salmon flies. Available in sizes 2/0 - 1.   $20.00 ea. or 3 for $45.00.

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