The Godfrey Paladin Reel offers the rigidity, spool capacity, and fast retrieve needed for larger fish and larger rivers of the world

Paladin Reel

The Paladin Reel is lavishly hand crafted with impeccable detail and great fishing power for the serious angler. This is a geared - fast retrieve, seven weight reel for the pursuit of large bass, silver salmon, and summer steelies.

The New (2016) All Weather Reel Design

The Godfrey Custom Paladin and Salmon reels have been redesigned so that they are all-weather reliable and completely dunkable while retaining full function including the smooth and dependable drum drag system -- regardless of how much water is sloshing around inside the reel!


Classic Reel

Getting rid of the bulk of the typical old-school salmon reel with its hard rubber-delrin-ebonite-plastic sides and/or the heavy 1960's style aluminum block frame yields a sleek profiled, lighter weight reel. Add to this the powerful all-weather drag system and the design is complete. Note that there is no "o" rings and no seals of any kind, just a powerful, modern drag design for dependable all-weather fishing.

The Paladin is available on a limited bases due to the considerable amount of time-consuming hand crafting involved!

Paladin Reel Models & Specifications
 Model Diameter Line Capacity  *  width Weight   Price
Model 70 3.2 inch   WF-7-75 yds. 1.40 inch 7.8 oz. $2,650.00
Model 75 3.2 inch   WF-7-125 yds. 1.50 inch 8.0 oz. $2,650.00

  * note for Nickel Silver sides add aprox. 1 1/2 oz to weight.   Backing is 20 lb. Micron


"I have met my colleague today and got the reels. They are gorgeous! Thanks very much for these functional beauties,... (a GBI-60; Paladin Model 75) I will now start thinking of a Ted Godfrey salmon reel." M. L., Moscow, Russian Federation.


Handle Arm:
Handle Knob:
vom Hofe Case:
Serpentine or Gothic Pendulum
Black or Ivory White
$275 - choose your suede color:   Accessories

Spools are hand fitted so consider extra spools in your initial order.
  Single Spool . . . $300.00     Two Extra Spools . . . $500.00

Paladin reels come with warranty and maintenance paper in Godfrey draw string leather bag.

Please specify left or right hand wind.

Call Ted for informnation and to Order:  

My Paladin:   This reel has the size and weight that is perfect for a typical 6 - 7 weight, long river rod. But, with the gearing, it also has the retrieve of a Steelhead Reel.

Here at my home waters, I use a Paladin for large small mouth on the wide Potomac and Susquehanna. It's my choice of reels for long lining in the summer on low, clear water. To see the mad rush and tail walking at sunset is quite a thrill!     These flats comes alive at dusk  


Paladin Reel