Westminster Reel

The Westminster was designed in 2001 right after the highly successful Classic Reel. I wanted a reel that would be a 19th Century classic, easy to maintain, and certainly lighter weight for shorter rods. Like the Classic, the Westminster Reels have internal self lubrication, single screw take down, and firm adjustable drag tension on a click pawl and cog system.

The Brown Trout is an option that is very eye catching yet still a traditional design and the first reel to be grabbed at shows.

This reel in particular really appeals to everyone because it is full function, balances newer rods well, and is simple and easy to use.                   VIEWS         



Westminster Trout Reel Models and Specifications
 Model Frame Diameter       Line Capacity  * Frame Width Reel Weight    Price
Brown Trout
GW-253D     2.5 inch DT-3 Wt. 25 yards backing     1.26 inch   5.1 ounce $1,250.00 --------
GW-274     2.75 inch DT-4 Wt. 25 yards backing     1.26 inch   5.4 ounce $1,250.00 --------
GW-275     2.75 inch DT-5 Wt. 25 yards backing     1.32 inch   5.4 ounce $1,250.00 $1,350.00
GW-305     3.0 inch WF-5 Wt. 50 yards backing     1.20 inch   5.5 ounce $1,295.00 $1,395.00
GW-306     3.0 inch WF-6 Wt. 50 yards backing     1.26 inch   5.6 ounce $1,295.00 $1,395.00
    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing

Reel Models Notes:

The Two and Three Quarter inch Reels: This group of reels vary in width and are best for the small or medium size rods for stream fishing for trout.

The Three inch GW 305 is the typical five weight reel for river fishing for trout. The 306 reel is for medium and long cane rods or that special graphite or classic glass rod. The extra diameter is great for faster line retrieve for trout and bass.


The Brown Trout Reel is an elegant step up in classic reel design with special, new perforated face plate and new back plate. The back plate features an elegant nickel silver and bronze medallion at the center. The face plate with its circle of red dots inside the circle of ports makes this reel very unique and frankly the first reel to be handled at the shows. The Brown Trout Reel Option is available for Models: 275, 305 and 306.


  brown trout


browntrout Brown Trout
Westminster arm

"Received my Westminster you made for me yesterday. All I can say is wow! Your craft and skill are remarkable. Thanks so much for such a beautiful reel. Hope to order another next winter." Mike, Denver, Colorado
"My reel (273) has arrived safely. It is a work of true craftsmanship. I shall enjoy using it. Thank you very much. Best Wishes" C.B. Berkshire, UK


Handle Arm
Handle Knob:
Custom vom Hofe Case
3 - 6 weight Westminster Reels
and 5 - 6 weight Brown Trout Reels
Westminster Arm or Serpentine
Black or Ivory-white
$275 - choose your suede color:   Accessories

Westminster Reels come with warranty and maintenance paper in a hand made draw string leather bag.

Spools are hand fitted so consider extra spools in your initial order.
  Single Spool . . . $250.00
  Two Extra Spools . . . $425.00

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