Godfrey Custom Rods are Hand Crafted with Attention to Fine Detail built on the Most Highly Rated and Advanced Graphite Available

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Godfrey Custom Graphite Rods   

I originally made Graphite rods starting back in the 1980's so I am very familiar with the great characteristics and new casting dimensions of modern era rods, and SAGE in particular. Over many years I also built and fished rods with Diamondback and Scott blanks. These rods with with a variety of casting characteristics were fished on large rivers for bass as well as Pennsylvania spring creeks for trout.

Sage blanks were and are my favorite and they are the pinnacle of graphite rod design. As the leading brand SAGE not only pushes the envelope for casting range, but also for casting "friendliness". That is for both accuracy and the ease of casting that make you want to come back to the favored rod day after day. Durability is a critical issue and Godfrey Custom Rods with SAGE blanks are the best as the SAGE X is most highly regarded in this area and the construction I put into each rod is based on 30 years of graphite rod building experience as well as fishing. Rods are made to order and are priced at $1,050.00 shipping included to the US.

Standard Model Custom Rods   

    Model    Line Length   Tube

    486-4 4 Weight 8ft 6 in 29 inch

    490-4 4 Weight 9 foot 30 inch

    586-4 5 Weight 8 ft 6 in 29 inch

    590-4 5 Weight 9 foot 30 inch

    596-4 5 Weight 9 ft 6 in 32 inch

    690-4 6 Weight 9 foot 30 inch

    696-4 6 Weight 9 ft 6 in 32 inch

    Weights are 2 1/2 to 3 ounce depending on length

Custom Features

Snake Brand Fast Universal Snakes

Unfilled, select premium cork

Custom nickel silver reel seat

Heavy Duck rod bag

Tough hand applied epoxy finish

Rod Options

Western, full Wells or Cigar cork handle

Black windings with Gold or Silver accent

Reel seat spacer: Spanish Cedar or Rose Wood

Optional hook keeper, extension butt

Chrome or Black color Universal guides

Godfrey Favorite Rod-Reel Outfits   

Introducing the Godfrey Favorite Outfits: The outfit features classical rod motif with exceptionally high quality components and construction throughout. This rod is matched to the elegant contemporary-classic Cutthroat Reel. Chose the outfit and options you prefer and look forward to enjoyable fishing for a lifetime.


Here are the best all-around fly fishing outfits for both stream and river trout fishing. The four and five weight are great for spring creek and stream fishing while the six weight if king of the rivers. These are great outfits for trout be it classical and accurate dry fly finesse presentation or deep down nymph and streamer wrangling.

Godfrey Custom Rods  

Godfrey Favorite Outfit Specifications   
      Outfit     Rod     Reel     Reel Capacity * Reel Weight    Price

  Cutthroat - 4 9 foot 4 weight 4 Piece Cutthroat LAMAR Wf-4 Wt. 125 yds backing    5.5 oz $2,050.00

  Cutthroat - 5 9 foot 5 weight 4 Piece Cutthroat GALLATIN Wf-5 Wt. 100 yds backing    5.7 oz $2,050.00

  Cutthroat - 6 9 foot 6 weight 4 Piece Cutthroat HENRY'S F. Wf-6 Wt. 100 yds backing    5.8 oz $2,050.00
    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing

Favorite Rod/Reel Outfits

  The Cutthroat Reel with Leather Bag

  Rod Bag and Black Aluminum Tube

  Chose your Rod Options as above

  Chose your Reel Options as below

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The Cutthroat Trout Reel

The Cutthroat Trout Reels are all three inch models in 4, 5 and 6 weight classes. The Cutthroat Reel is a contemporary of the Westminster and the drag can be set low for fishing fine tippet fishing or higher for wet fly river fishing. As implied by the name, the Cutthroat sports a decidedly Western motif with its face of a row of fine ports.

Reel models: 4-wt - LAMAR; 5 wt - GALLATIN, and 6 wt - HENRY'S FORK.   Options are: Black or White handle knob, and left or right hand wind.


Cutthroat Reel