For Power and Finesse

The Paradigm like the larger Mastery Series Salmon Reels features the powerful, exclusive Custom Drum Drag System with its positive 10-position lever adjustment. The basic design has 35 years on the rivers of the world: Alaskan silvers, Catskill secretive browns, and Icelandic sea run trout - anywhere fine-tippet finesse angling or sheer power is needed.

Featuring classic nickel silver fittings, smooth adjustable drag, and massive bearings, the Paradigm Reels are the finest trout reels available for the serious angler. For more information the basis of Godfrey Reel Design See:   Design Philosophy


    An Older Big Horn Reel and Great Reward

classic reel

Paradigm Models & Specifications

 Model   Frame   Line Capacity  *  Width Weight    Price
Spruce Cr   2.75 inch DT-4 Wt. 25 yds.  1.30 inch   5.5 oz. $2,650.00
Malleo   2.75 inch DT-5 Wt. 25 yds.  1.38 inch   5.6 oz. $2,650.00
Madison   3.0 inch WF-5 Wt. 50 yds.  1.24 inch   5.9 oz. $2,695.00
Ausable   3.0 inch WF-6 Wt. 50 yds.  1.30 inch   5.9 oz. $2,695.00
Big Horn   3.2 inch WF-6 Wt. 150 yds.  1.30 inch   6.3 oz. $2,750.00

    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing


The Original Paradigm Reel Models & Specifications      

 Model Frame Diameter   Frame width       Line Capacity  *     Reel Weight    Price
Spruce Cr.     2.75 inch     1.30 inch DT-4 Wt. 25 yards backing     5.5 ounce $2,650.00
Malleo     2.75 inch     1.38 inch DT-5 Wt. 25 yards backing     5.6 ounce $2,650.00
Madison     3.0 inch     1.24 inch WF-5 Wt. 50 yards backing     5.9 ounce $2,695.00
Ausable     3.0 inch     1.30 inch WF-6 Wt. 50 yards backing     5.9 ounce $2,695.00
Big Horn     3.2 inch     1.30 inch WF-6 Wt. 150 yards backing     6.3 ounce $2,750.00

    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing



The Silver Paradigm is the new version of the highly successful Black side Custom Paradigm Reel. The beautiful sides are made of polished alloy 752 Nickel Silver.
A truly elegant reel is reminiscent of the great Kentucky reels of the 19th century like the Talbot Ben Hur or the pretty little Meek reels. These silver reels are a joy to make and opportunity to partake in the old tradition of fine metal work in reel making.



classic reel

Silver Paradigm Models & Specs.

 Model   Frame   Line Capacity  *  Width Weight    Price

Madison   3.0 inch WF-5 Wt. 75 yds.  1.22 inch   6.4 oz. $2,850.00
Ausable   3.0 inch WF-5 Wt. 150 yds.  1.28 inch   6.4 oz. $2,850.00
Big Horn   3.2 inch WF-6 Wt. 100 yds.  1.28 inch   6.7 oz. $2,995.00
    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing


The Silver Paradigm Reel Models & Specifications

 Model Frame Diameter   Frame width       Line Capacity  *     Reel Weight    Price
Madison     3.0 inch     1.22 inch WF-5 Wt. 75 yards backing     6.4 ounce $2,850.00
Ausable     3.0 inch     1.28 inch WF-5 Wt. 150 yards backing     6.4 ounce $2,850.00
Big Horn     3.2 inch     1.28 inch WF-6 Wt. 100 yards backing     6.7 ounce $2,995.00

    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing


The Smooth as Silk Drum Drag System

The Design harkens back to the original Kovalovsky salt water reel drag design and much later the Bogdan salmon reels. The Spool drives the large drum which is 'braked' by the two cork lined outer shoes. This is an exceptionally smooth drag and completely adjustable so much so it can properly handle 7x through 1x for limestone trout on up to silver salmon.

This drag system first designed for the Godfrey Salmon Reels back in 86 and applied to the geared Custom Trout Reels of the 90's. Now we produce the classic style Mastery Series Paradigm Reel with the same great drag system design.

Starting in 2021 the drag system is upgraded to work with application of oil and grease including 100% Neatsfoot oil. Dunking the reel may be done, but avoid introduction of sand!


  To Receive what you Like
"The reel that you sent is beautiful. It's magical. It's really a sensational thing. -- (2016 - Anniversary Big Horn) Thank you for making something so wonderful."
R.P. Illinois, U.S.

More than Expected

"I received the reels today, the Ausable far exceeds my expectations. I am thrilled and blessed to have found such a maker in you. Thank you very much!" J. F. Norway.

Paradigm Models:

Face & Spool style
Handle Knob Color:
Barton Reel Foot option:
Original-Black or the Silver in
models for line weights 4 - 6
Solid or Perforated (Black models only)
Black or Ivory-white
Additional $30.00

Paradigm Set: The Paradigm Reel with vom Hofe Case   + $395.00. Chose your suede color: Accessories

The Paradigm Plus Set: Reel with Extra Spool in the Double vom Hofe Case which holds both the Reel and Ex Spool   + $895.00. Chose suede color:   Accessories

Paradigm Reels come with warranty and maintenance paper in a hand
made draw string leather bag.
Spools are hand fitted so consider extra spools in your initial order.
Price each. . . $625.00

Call Ted for information and to Order:  


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