As an explanation of or introduction to "what IS a Godfrey Reel" let me point out: All Godfrey Reels are hand made in our shop and the reel designs are for the most part my own. Comparing construction or function of these reels with reels of other make leads almost immediately to "contrasting" Godfrey Reel unique design and construction to that of the others. From drag system design to simple things like take down or handle arm removal these reel designs are nothing like other classic reels. The designs and construction techniques have been made to make up for limitations we see in the early classic reels even those made by acknowledged masters of construction and singular motif. For further information, please see the links below for reel refurbish, maintenance, and reel design.

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Proprietary Series Reels
The Godfrey Classic, and Westminster Trout Reels are hallmark Godfrey Reels. The designs express turn-of-the-century classic motif with added modern functionality.

Mastery Series Reels
The Paradigm, Salmon and Steelhead Reels feature an adjustable, super smooth Custom Drum Drag System. The Paradigm is the all-around smooth drag reel for fine tippets and manhandling large Silvers and trout on any size river. The first salmon reels were introduced in 1984, and have since gained a fabulous reputation on the rivers of the world.

Heritage Series Reels
These Reels are elegant renderings of the famous vom Hofe and Leonard lineage, but feature improved design. These are premium class reels that belong on the finest cane rods.

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