The Godfrey Perfection Reel

From the beginning, Edward’s artistry set him apart; his black rubber side plates, contrasting silver-nickel frames, and sleek and functional S-shaped handles all had a major impact on American tackle design. Edward started making reels under his own name in 1867. He only made the finest reels and "for a price". Over seven decades of production until closing in 1940 literally dozens if not hundreds of designs were tried - many cataloged, but most were trial designs or one-off's for special clients. Most of the reels were large and designed for salt water fishing as striper and later deep water tarpon and tuna were quite the rage.

Of the many designs, the Perfection immediately became the most favored reel for trout fishermen, but expensive - just for those who could afford it. The Peerless was also well received, but the Perfection became and has always been the most sought after design.

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Over the 40 years or so of production the unique Perfection design received only a few significant changes and variations notable of which were attempts at an aluminum foot and spool. Lighter weight was the goal, but early aluminum alloys were weak and certainly not salt water worthy.

The Godfrey Perfection exemplifies the main points of the original with excellent drag, unique style with the face side adjustment knob with pointer, original proportions and nickel silver fittings. The Perfection is not often copied by modern makers as the construction is rather complex and setting the flying drag system a bit tedious and off-putting unless one likes to do "perfect work on a Perfect Reel"!

Changes to the design afford a lighter, stronger and more durable reel: A modern aluminum alloy spool and foot, and high quality black hard coat aluminum sides. This brings the Perfection into weight balance with modern cane and graphite. Other changes include easy spool change, easy take down, and adjustable click with left hand or right hand wind option. Currently two models are available: the 4 weight "No 2" and the 5 weight "No 1" reels weighing in at 5.4 and 5.6 oz respectively. Other reel sizes may be added at a later date.

  Below you can see some of the unique points of the Godfrey Perfection Reel.

Oil Cap - Spool Removal - The original vom Hofe Perfection Reel design included a simple oil cap to cover the rear bearing. On the Godfrey Perfection Reel a large brass screw is located under the oil cap. Unscrew the cap and the screw and the back side plate and spool can be removed. Extra spools ARE available - a First for this type reel!

Click Adjustment - The original design provided for no adjustment for sound/pressure in the click, provided was just a simple on or off button. When off the reel would be in free-spool "poachers position". Here the pawl and cog wheel system can be adjusted by the smooth acting adjustment knob. The red detents indicate degree of strength - amount of pressure applied to the pawl by the click spring. Internally the click mechanism is set for either Right or Left Hand Retrieve - a First for this type reel!

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Butterfly Drag System - With spool removed one can see the unique vom Hofe drag design with the swinging 'butterfly' arms and the spider preload spring. Drag is set by knob located under the handle arm. The Godfrey Perfection has an excellent drag adjustment mechanism. Vom Hofe made beautiful reels, but often the adjustment was awkward and excessively heavy and not so easy to set a desired amount of drag. Here the adjustment is smooth and predictable from lightest to heaviest pressure - as expected!

BiMetal Reel

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Perfection Reel Models & Specifications

 Model   Frame   Line Capacity  *  Width Weight    Price
 No. 1   3 inch DT-5 Wt. 25 yds.  1.30 inch   6.4 oz. $2,350.00
 No. 2   2.75 inch DT-4 Wt. 25 yds.  1.30 inch   5.8 oz. $2,350.00
    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing

classic reel  

Godfrey Perfection Reel Models & Specifications      

 Model Frame Diameter     Frame width             Line Capacity   * Reel Weight **    Price
 No. 1     3 inch     1.30 inch   DT-5 Wt. 25 yards backing   6.4 ounce $2,350.00
 No. 2     2.75 inch     1.30 inch   DT-4 Wt. 25 yards backing   5.8 ounce $2,350.00
*   Backing is 20 lb. Micron.
* * Original vom Hofe Perfections typically weigh in at 7 oz - that's Steelhead reel weight.
Model number ("1" or "2") is stamped on the foot; Serial is stamped inside on the rim of the reel.

Handle Arm:
Handle Knob:
Reels for 4, and 5 weight Reels
Chose Left or Right Hand Wind
vom Hofe Serpentine Arm
Black or Ivory-white

Perfect Set: Perfection Reel with vom Hofe Case   2,595.00
Perfect Plus Set: Perfection Reel, vom Hofe Case and an Extra Spool $2,795.00

Perfection Reels come with warranty and maintenance paper with recorded Serial Number in hand made draw string leather bag.

Extra Spool sold separately  $275.00

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