Fishing Dreams -- Ren'e Palmer sent this perfect picture to me in the 90's. This exquisite Norwegian Salmon fell to a spey rod and an early Godfrey Reel. Note the aluminum frame used on early reel; the solid drag design is working just fine . . . to this day!


The first Godfrey Salmon and Steelhead Reels were introduced back in the early 1980's and featured great line control and power to handle Grande Cascapedia Salmon. The Drum Drag System in Godfrey Custom Reels is like that of Arthur Kovalovsky, the great salt water reel maker and patent holder. The drum is braked by a circular external brake pad or pads - the Kovalosky grand design.

Originally, reels were of the standard aluminum frame type, but by 1999 it was time to improve the frame with addition of beautiful "wedding band" style nickel silver bands. Other modifications included nickel silver fitting throughout and inclusion of super hard aluminum bronze main bearings - last perhaps forever!

This has been a long and uncompromising quest for design improvement yielding a full-function, elegant, and modern interpretation of the traditional Atlantic salmon reel with a rare sense of scale reminiscent of vom Hofe.

  Classic Motif & Nickel Silver Appointments

  35 year Proven Reel Design

  Lighter Weight for Modern Rods

  Powerful 10 Position Drag System

  Convenient Single Screw Takedown

Custom Salmon - Steelhead Reels

The Salmon Models:   For over 30 years the Godfrey Salmon Reels have caught thousands of Atlantic salmon around the world. The Custom Salmon Reels are designed to provide more than adequate backing capacity, simply choose a Custom Reel to match your salmon rod line designation.

The Steelhead Models:   Rio Grande, Deschutes, and Babine have all the features of the Custom Salmon Reels including the super-smooth drum drag, but are lighter weight. Note: A direct-drive (non-geared) version of the Steelhead Reel is also available on special order.

Exceptional Norwegian Salmon
with Godfrey Multiplier

Westminster Reel

Salmon & Steelhead Reel Models & Specifications

 Model   Line Capacity  *  Width Weight    Price
Rio Grande WF-7 Wt.150 yds   1.46 inch    8.8 oz.    $2,795.00
Deschutes WF-8 Wt.150 yds   1.56 inch    9.0 oz.    $2,795.00
Babine WF-9 Wt.150 yds   1.66 inch    9.2 oz.    $2,795.00
Light Salmon WF-8 Wt. 200 yds.  1.85 inch   10.6 oz.    $2,795.00
Salmon WF-9 Wt. 200 yds.  1.95 inch   10.8 oz.    $2,795.00
Heavy Salmon WF-9 Wt. 200 yds.  2.05 inch   11 oz.    $2,795.00
    * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing

    salmon reel  

Salmon & Steelhead Reel Models & Specifications  

 Model       Line Capacity  * Frame Width Reel Weight **          Price
Rio Grande WF-7 Wt. 150 yds backing   1.46 inch    9.8 ounce    $2,795.00
Deschutes WF-8 Wt. 150 yds backing   1.56 inch    10.0 ounce    $2,795.00
Babine WF-9 Wt. 150 yds backing   1.66 inch    10.2 ounce    $2,795.00
Light Salmon WF-8 Wt. 200 yds backing   1.85 inch    10.6 ounce    $2,795.00
Salmon WF-9 Wt. 200 yds backing   1.95 inch    10.8 ounce    $2,795.00
Heavy Salmon WF-10 Wt. 200 yds backing   2.05 inch    11 ounce    $2,795.00


Specify Retrive:
Handle Knob:
vom Hofe Case:
left hand or right hand wind
Black or Ivory White
$355.00 - choose suede color:   Accessories

All Godfrey Salmon & Steelhaed Reels are come with a traditional draw sting bag. Also included is the warranty and maintenance paper with recorded Reel Serial Number.

Spools are hand fitted so consider extra spools in your initial order.
  Single Spool . . . $300.00
  Two Extra Spools . . . $500.00

Call Ted for information and Order:  


-- Godfrey Custom Tackle for a Lifetime of Angling Enjoyment --