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December 2018 - The New Godfrey Perfection Reel

The Godfrey Perfection exemplifies the principle points of the original with its excellent drag, unique style, and nickel silver fittings. Call to get the introductory price of $2,150 available for orders received by the end of this month. First shipment expected to be March - April 2019. For model sizes, added functions, and special packages   See: The Perfection


Westminster Reel - SOLD -

The Westminster is the archetypal Godfrey Reel and the Model 305 is the perfect reel for your next trip to the Mountains. This is a 3 inch, 5 weight which is ideal for 7 1/2 and 8 foot cane or longer graphite. Chose Left or Right Hand wind; price is -------- with leather bag and free shipping.   Call Ted at 443 507 6906 to claim your reel. - SOLD -


October 2018 - New Custom Outfits Available
    Great SAGE blank Godfrey Custom Rods matched with the Western motif Cutthroat Reel.   See: Custom Rod/Reel Outfits

April 2018 - Classic Feather Winged Salmon Flies Available
    Familiar and beautiful flies for the Canadian Gaspe in sizes 4 - 1/0 Single Irons.   See: The Classics

2018 - Reel Orders - Free Shipping World Wide
    Suggest extra spools and/or Accessory items be ordered at time to be included with Reel.   See: Classic, Heritage, and Custom Reels

New Gorgeous Silver Paradigm
    Lovely new reel motif reminiscent of the Talbot reels. Available Models:   See: Custom Silver Paradigm Reel

New Reel Bags and vom Hofe Custom Reel Cases
    Quality Suede Bags with leather pull; Premium quality Godfrey vom Hofe style custom made for your reel.   See: Custom Reel Cases

Reel Smithing:
    Hand built reels by Ted Godfrey. We continue a 30 year tradition of providing custom-made, classic reels with modern functionality for fishing the great rivers of the world.   See: Reel Models