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July 2024 End of Production Notice:
The Godfrey Perfection Reel is being closed out. See: The Godfrey Perfection Reel Models

April 2024 Model GW 253D Westminster Reel Available
    Once again the smallest Westmisnster Reel for Three Weight is available. See: The Godfrey Classic Reel Models

February 2024 New Silver Classic Reel
    A nickel silver sided version of the very popular Godfrey Classic now available. See: The Godfrey Classic Reel Models

May 2023 Paladin Switch Rod Reel
    The Paladin is perfect for 6 and 7 Wt. Switch Rods. See: The Godfrey Paladin Switch Rod Reel

September 2022 - Philbrook Red Reel
    Beautiful new Philbrook - Brook Trout Raised Pillar Reel is here in model sizes 2 to 5 weight. See: The Godfrey Brook Trout Reel

August 2021 - Mastery Series Drag System Change
    New cork drag shoe system is now incorporated in all new Paradigm and Steelhead/Salmon reels. This change will allow oil and grease of one sort or another be applied in the drag system. Anyone owning one of these reel models purchased in the last 10 years (our warranty period) can send it in for drag shoe upgrade. A nominal return shipping fee applies. There is no charge for the actual work involved; this offer is effective through 2021/2022 only. Call Ted and Faye for further details.

February 2021 - New Silver Westminster
    Beautiful new nickel silver sided Westminster is now available in certain model sizes. See: Westminster Series

July 2020 - Spey Flies
    The early 1900th Century Spey flies had an exuberant design with the flair of hackle. These were fished with huge rods for huge Atlantic salmon. Today not too surprising they are still of value and remain great flies even for bass and trout. I like them!   See: The Speys

June 2020 - Full Listing of the Godfrey Perfection Reels
    All Perfection Reel Models are now listed, Modesl No 4 - 2/0 covering line weights 3 to 7. Reel diameters run from 2 3/8 - 3 1/4 inch. Special packages are available for both extra spools and the fine vom Hofe style Godfrey reel cases.   See: The Perfection

May 2019 - Expanded Westminster Reels Offering PLUS . . .
    Both Light Weight and an expanded listing of Standard Westminter Reels are now available. ALSO: The Brown Trout and Cutthroat Trout Reels are now available with their unique ported face plates/spools. See: Westminster Series

March 2019 - The New Plus One VH Style Reel Case
    New Extended case with cushioned bottom section for one or two extra spools.   See: Accouterments

December 2018 - The New Godfrey Perfection Reel
    The Godfrey Perfection exemplifies the principle points of the original with its excellent drag, unique style, and nickel silver fittings. Currently working on the First Shipment March - April 2019.   For model sizes, added functions, and special packages   See: The Perfection

2018 - Reel Orders - Free Shipping World Wide
    Suggest extra spools and/or Accessory items be ordered at time to be included with Reel.   See: Classic, Heritage, and Custom Reels

New Gorgeous Silver Paradigm
    Lovely new reel motif reminiscent of the Talbot reels. Available Models:   See: Custom Silver Paradigm Reel

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The NewsBrief is sent out every month or so and provides information about new products and updates

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